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BLM Eastern States

As “Guardians of the Past and Stewards for the Future,” the BLM Eastern States is committed to honoring our traditions while we manage natural resources in the east for sustainability. Those resources include widely varied lands where uses are as diverse as the lands themselves. Working together with State and local partners, other Federal agencies and the publics we serve, we develop strategies that can help achieve best-case management outcomes.
Natural resources on public lands in the east include approximately 40 million acres of Federal mineral estate and scattered tracts in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Virginia and Wisconsin. These lands are as diverse as Gulf Shore beaches, Outstanding Natural Areas, Special Recreation Management Areas, and hardwood forests. Their characteristics include imperiled plant communities, aquatic and wildlife habitats, cultural sites, and ecosystems that are as unique as the 31 states where they may be found.


You are encouraged to share your comments, ideas, and concerns. Note that information, including personally identifiable information, that you voluntarily submit to or publish on a Bureau of Land Management page on a third party site may be treated as public information and archived accordingly in order to abide with applicable laws. If you choose to engage with the BLM through a blog or comment feature on a third-party social media website or application, the BLM reserves the right to moderate, remove or reject (not post) comments that contain:

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The BLM does not discriminate against any views, but reserves the right to remove or reject (not post) comments that do not adhere to these standards.

In addition, the views expressed by members of the public on official pages maintained by the BLM on third-party social media websites and applications do not reflect the official views of the BLM or the U.S. government nor does the BLM guarantee the accuracy of such information posted by members of the public on those websites.

Welcome to the official FB page of the BLM-Eastern States .If you're looking for the official source of info about ES visit our homepage at

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