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SwissJust Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

1900 E Street, NW
Washington,  DC 20004

Phone: (571) 316-8284

SwissJust Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

Just products are based on time tested
medicinal herbs long proven effective in
Europe and around the world to provide
comfort and well-being to every day minor

We use preservative free, finest grade
100% pure and natural essential oils and
extracts. To ensure their freshness, Just
products have expiration dates no longer
than 30 months. In the few cases where
indispensable, we use minimum amounts
of preservatives to protect our customers.
Our products are cruelty free, not tested
on animals and dermatologically tested on

Just products comply with the strictest US
and European quality standards, such as
the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and
the European Cosmetics Directive (76/768/
EEC) which enforces the declaration
of ingredients that might cause allergic

Just manufacturing factories are committed
to the environment and produced under
GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes)
and ISO 9001:2000 norms. ·

Maritza R., SJ Consultant introduce the #1 European Aromatherapy to Washington DC area. SwissJust 100% pure essential oils founded in 1930. Come join us!

SwissJust MISSION:
To provide the beneficial effects of nature to millions of homes by means of a progressive and committed organization, filled with opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

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Founded: Switzerland, 1930

Categories: Alternative & Holistic Health, Aromatherapy, Health Spa, Health/Beauty, Medical Spa

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