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Cupid's Planner

831 Faithful Dr
Washington,  DC 20002

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Cupid's Planner

Cupid's Planner hopes to provide you with basic solutions to everyday problems. We work under the assumption that love can conquer everything. So we want to help everyone love one another and more importantly love themselves. We do this by first demystifying the concept of love. We do not view love in the traditional sense of marriage, but rather in the sense of understanding and compassion, for oneself as well as others. By showing people the power of love and helping them to effectively utilize this power we expect each and every one of our clients to reach their full potential. We specialize in helping modern professional and goal-oriented single women. We want to help them understand who they are in the mix of balancing competing priorities and values such as, work, love, and family. We want to help young women grasp life by the horns and take charge, which is why our slogan is “Hassle Free Romance,” because we view romance in the non-traditional sense of living and place an emphasis on enjoying life. We also provide services to men, youths and organizations who want to discover their inner power of love.

A relationship/life coach specializing in the empowerment and sexual freedom of women.

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Past Events

  • Cupid's Planner Book Release
    02:00 PM - 06/11/2016

    At Cupid's Planner

    Join Cupid's Planner for our first book release of adult coloring books for the Inspiration and Sexual Empowerment of Women. Books include poetry, a meditation...

  • Cupid's Planner Virtual Book Release
    09:00 PM - 05/17/2016

    At Cupid's Planner

    If you can't make it June 11, 2016 for our offical book release, you can order you book online. The Rhymes and Hues of Ebony Color...

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