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Defeat Poverty DC

316 F St NE
Washington,  DC 20002

Phone: (202) 266-0050

Defeat Poverty DC

Defeat Poverty DC is leading a 10-year campaign to cut in half the number of District residents living in poverty by ensuring that our city’s leaders enact policies that Make Basic Needs Accessible, Make Work Possible, and Make Work Pay.

Our campaign is supported by a coalition of business, faith and civic leaders from across the District who believe that poverty and inequality undermines the strength and stability of our city’s businesses, neighborhoods and families and that efforts to strengthen our city must create economic opportunities for all residents and ensure that all District residents are able to participate in our city’s growth and success.

poverty impacts us all

Poverty, generally, is typically associated with higher unemployment, increased crime, poor nutrition and health and a host of other factors that taken together mean that the city has fewer people paying taxes and more people turning to unemployment insurance and other social services. Poverty not only impacts our economy, it causes damaging effects on individual families and neighborhoods and is a driving force behind our city’s growing expenditures.

The good news is that we each can do something about poverty. When we speak with one collective voice we can change the conversation. By providing opportunities for those living in poverty, you are not only helping our neighbors and fellow residents, you

Strengthen Our Economy by increasing the District’s tax and consumer base.

Build Our Neighborhoods by improving access to resources and improving our schools.

Empower Our Families by providing economic security and stable homes.

Poverty in the District of Columbia is unacceptably high and hardship is unacceptably widespread.

By all measures, poverty is on the rise in the District of Columbia. According to the latest U.S. census data, the percentage of District residents living b

Defeat Poverty DC is leading a ten year campaign to cut poverty in half by Making Basic Needs Accessible, Making Work Possible, and Making Work Pay for all District residents.

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Founded: 2010

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