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Dark Side of the Moon: Introduction to the Moon Sequence

04/23/2017 12:00 PM

@ Washington Yoga Center
4000 Albemarle St NW
Washington, District of ColumbiaDC 

Dark Side of the Moon: Introduction to the Moon Sequence

The dark side of the moon refers to the side of the moon we never see because Earth's tidal activity locks the moon in synchronous motion with its rotation around the Earth. Similarly, we can use the metaphor of the lunar dark side to express those dimensions of ourselves which remain just outside our normal consciousness. Through the cultivation of a mindful attitude, we can begin to shed light on those shadows in our minds and hearts, eradicating impulsive behaviors, reactive patterns, and limiting stories we tell ourselves.

The Moon Sequence (Chandra Krama) is an alternative yoga sequence created by Matthew Sweeney, author of Ashtanga Yoga As It Is and Vinyasa Krama. Chandra Krama is a unique blend of relaxing yin postures, soothing vinyasa sequencing, and restorative postures. Through its quietening and introspective sequencing, the Moon Sequence encourages us to become aware of our shadow side and to accept whatever we see arising, however pleasant or unpleasant.

Join Rexx Samuell, one of only 10 American students to be authorized to teach the Chandra Krama, for this special workshop on variations of the Moon Sequence suitable for the time of the new moon.

$35 per student

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