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Monday Night Yoga (January)

01/18/2016 11:30 PM

@ Recreative Spaces
1613 Rhode Island Ave Northeast

Monday Night Yoga (January)

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Weekly All Level Yoga with Cynthia Garland Glasser
Transformative. Healing. Strengthening. Restorative. Calming.

Space is limited to 15 students. Please register in advance!

More About Cynthia
Yoga continually and gently allows me to accept whatever comes my way in life. Cultivating an awareness of the perfect true self that exists in all of us, both on and off the mat, allows mind, body and spirit to glow with love and lightness. By learning to surrender to the grace of the rhythm of the universe, both mind and practice expand eternally.. I became a teacher to spread knowledge of the countless wonders of yoga to anyone and everyone. My inspiration lies in a deep knowing that through exploring this rejuvenating practice together, we are all given insight into the interconnectedness that brings us to the mat. With gratitude, I wish to pass on to others the ability to still the mind, listen to the body and to breathe consciously through every action. By guiding with patience, support and always with a smile, I honor each of our unique journeys on the path self-discovery. I encourage contemplation in every step towards the most contented states of being and of becoming. Precious and pure is the open heart. Remember to love yourself wherever you are in life. We are exactly where we should be. Namaste.

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